Free summer vector icon pack

Free summer vector icon packIt’s summer here in the UK and that means that we’ve had day upon day of glorious, you guessed it… rain. Despite the weather I thought I’d celebrate the season of sun by creating a free vector icon pack, so that we can all be reminded of what summer is really about. For me that’s mainly ice cream.


Free summer vector icon pack preview

Free summer vector icon pack preview

Free summer vector icon pack preview

The summer icon vector pack includes Adobe Illustrator, .eps, .svg and .jpg file formats, download it by clicking on the button below. Feel free to use the icons in your personal or commercial projects.


Written by Liz Canning


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  1. Bob Cochran says:

    Thank you very much for these. I hope to use them for a future web project with the goal of delighting my grandchildren. I believe they will enjoy these icons. And probably pester my daughters and in-laws for trips to the beach!

  2. Liz Canning says:

    You’re welcome Bob. I hope they get better weather than I’ve got here if they do go to the beach!

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