Free stone texture pack

Free stone texture packHigh-quality textures are greatly sought after by designers, and it’s no surprise when considering the versatility they offer. Whether you want your design to have that vintage quality or a hint of subtle grunge, the right texture will make all the difference. This week I have created a free stone texture pack for you to download and use in your design projects.

Free stone texture pack preview

This stone texture pack contains seven 3000px by 2000px unadulterated, high-resolution jpeg files, taken on my recent visit to Northumberland (UK).They can be used as they are to add an interesting background to your designs or overlaid on existing artwork to produce a grungy effect.


Free stone texture pack preview

Free stone texture pack preview

Free stone texture pack preview

How to use the stone textures

Stone textue example overlay blending mode

Using the textures to apply a subtle grunge effect to your artwork couldn’t be easier. Simply place one of the textures on a new layer above your artwork in Photoshop, then in the Layers panel select one of the blending modes such as Overlay, adjust the opacity as desired and that’s all there is to it.

Stone textue example overlay blending mode desaturated

If you don’t want the colours from the stone textures to interact with your artwork just desaturate them first by going to the Image menu and selecting Adjustments then Desaturate (SHIFT+CTRL+U, or SHIFT+CMD+U if you’re using a Mac). Download the textures using the button below.


Written by Liz Canning


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  1. Su Hall says:

    Oh, how cool! I love the discolorations in the stone! Thank you very much!


    1. Liz Canning says:

      You’re welcome Su!

      The textures came from the stones in and around Alnwick Castle. I think aged stone has so much more character than the brick usually used in modern day buildings.

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