15 Free Handwriting Fonts

15 Free Handwriting FontsDesigners love fonts, that’s a given, but what we love even more are high-quality fonts that are free for both personal and commercial use. Today I have created a round-up of just that, 15 handwriting fonts that are available for you to download and use within all your projects whether they’re just for fun or part of your 9 to 5.

Free Kawaii Reptile and Amphibian Icons

Free kawaii reptile and amphibian iconsLast month one of my readers, Gail, requested that I make my version of a kawaii frog. So, after playing around with a few ideas, I decided not only to make a frog but a set of free kawaii reptile and amphibian icons for you all to download and use either personally or commercially.

Create a Clownfish in Illustrator Using Basic Shapes

Create a clownfish in IllustratorToday I’m going to show you how to create a clownfish in Illustrator using basic shapes. Not only does the use of basic shapes make this tutorial perfect for beginners, but it also helps to give the clownfish a cartoon-like quality that suits its friendly personality. After all, anyone who’s seen Finding Nemo will know that clownfish are pleasant fellows.

Create an 8-bit Pac-Man Style Ghost in Illustrator

Create an 8-bit Pac-Man Style Ghost in IllustratorWe’re all familiar with Pac-Man, the iconic 80’s game where Pac-Man would roam through mazes eating pac-dots, running away from ghost enemies, trying to eat ghost enemies… Today it’s not Pac-Man we’ll be concentrating on but the ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. We are going to create our very own 8-bit Pac-Man style ghost in Illustrator, and at the end of the tutorial you’ll even be able to create a zombie 8-bit ghost for extra credit.

13 Halloween Illustrator tutorials

13 Halloween Illustrator tutorialsHalloween is an especially creative holiday, face paint, costumes and trick-or-treating, who could ask for more? But even if you’re spending a quiet night in you can still get into the All Hallows’ Eve spirit by knocking up something imaginative in Illustrator. Whether it’s a putrid pumpkin or a creepy castle, there are countless tutorials out there to whet your appetite. To save you a bit of time, because you’re probably stocking up on tasty titbits for all your ghoulish guests, I have created a round-up of 13 of the best Halloween Illustrator tutorials from 2014.